Grain processing

Do you manufacture grain processing machines or systems? Do you want to end up with a top-quality end product without contamination? Saving energy and being efficient at the same time? You’ve come to the right place! You too can optimize your processes through the use of flow technology. The range of applications for our products, such as fans and filters, which are optimally tailored to the grain processing industry, is extremely diverse.
On the way from the grain stalk in the field to the perfect food, the grain has to pass through many processing and refinement stages. We develop the right ventilation solution for all relevant process stages. The focus here is on gentle processing, the shortest possible process time with high production output and compliance with hygiene standards for a healthy end product of the highest quality. And while we strive for efficiency and hygiene, we do not forget how important and worth preserving aroma and taste are for your end product. But the focus on costs should not be ignored either.
Before the grain can be further processed as a raw material, various cleaning processes are required. These begin as early as the harvest in the combine harvester; intermediate products such as flour, haze, semolina, meal and bran also require further cleaning. This is because quality and a safe end product free from foreign bodies are particularly important for the taste and appearance of grain processing.
Various technologies are available for cleaning. Air separators are particularly suitable for separating by size and weight. LTG fans are ideally suited for wind sifting, they help to achieve the highest degree of cleaning and optimally separate light and fine impurities such as chaff, straw or dust for all types of grain: Wheat, barley, oats, millet, maize, rice, durum, buckwheat, spelt, sorghum,…
The separation of hulls and pods from cocoa, soya, beans, peas or lentils can also be carried out carefully and gently with LTG fans.
The advantage of using LTG cross-flow fans is that they distribute the mixture to be cleaned absolutely evenly across the entire working width. This maximum utilization of the suction width enables the highest degree of separation to be achieved, along with an increase in capacity and throughput.
Thanks to the compact design, pioneering machine constructions can be realized.
With LTG filter technology components, you can minimize dust emissions in your production. Our high-performance dust extraction and filter solutions ensure a high level of safety and prevent dangerous dust explosions in accordance with ATEX requirements.
For special tasks, we are also happy to offer you the expertise of our LTG engineering services.