Commercial vehicles

LTG tangential fans are on the road in trucks and buses all over the world, ensuring optimum air exchange for goods, merchandise and passengers.
The transportation business is under extreme global competition, the roads are full, everyone wants to get to their destination quickly and undamaged. Even the smallest changes in technology can mean a competitive advantage. With the use of LTG tangential fans, you too can get into the fast lane.
In semi-trailers, cooling units ensure a stable temperature inside the load compartment. Homogeneous air distribution is extremely important for the first-class quality of the transported goods and merchandise, as even the smallest temperature fluctuations can spoil sensitive goods or reduce their shelf life. The fans installed in the cooling units are of particular importance. With their even air flow, they contribute to optimum air circulation. With the use of powerful tangential fans from LTG, you are on the safe side with your cooling unit.
LTG tangential fans have been providing valuable services for bus roof cooling systems for some time. Whether you are in a coach on a city tour, on the way to your vacation, simply travelling from A to B or on public transport with an alternative drive, LTG tangential fans contribute to even air distribution in the roof cooling systems. They ensure that the drive and brake components function reliably and make a valuable contribution to the well-being and comfort of the passengers. Even in traffic jams, the engine doesn’t overheat and passengers keep a cool head in a full bus.
For special tasks, we are also happy to offer you the expertise of our LTG engineering services.