Medical textiles

Textiles used in medicine can be used in a wide variety of applications and therefore have a wide range of requirements – be it various dressing materials or textile carrier materials for plasters, wound dressings or wipes – but they all have one thing in common: the highest standards of hygiene and quality.
The areas of application and therefore also the finishing of the various textiles are diverse. Dressing materials must be flexible and tear-resistant, and there are many different types of plaster materials, stretchable and non-stretchable. In all these manufacturing processes, coatings are applied and various drying processes take place – sometimes in a protective atmosphere. All these processes place high demands on the air technology, the composition of the gases, a lot or little air for lighter materials or special air distributions. Our LTG fans are as versatile as the tasks in the field of medical textiles.
We can also support you in the processing of textiles with our filter technology products. For example, dust and fibers are reliably collected during the cutting process, extracted and disposed of or reused accordingly.
With our LTG engineering services, we support you in the design of ventilation systems, compliance with emission limits and production-relevant values such as temperature and humidity. Preliminary tests in our technical center or directly at your site give you the best possible security.