Medical dryers

In the manufacture of all medical products, especially in sheet or flat form, the drying processes during production or the post-treatment coating processes are of great importance. The highest quality standards combined with the highest possible production volumes and process reliability are the parameters that matter here.
You can rely on our many years of experience and proven products.
Our LTG fans are at the heart of the drying process. From the production of textile base materials and sensitive coating processes in a protective atmosphere to the drying of hollow membrane fibers for dialysis technology – our products have been providing reliable and efficient service for years.
We offer fans in all flow forms and can advise you individually and tailored to your application. Our tangential fans with their wide air flow over the entire length of the impeller and 90° air flow demonstrate their advantages particularly in continuous processes, such as conveyor systems. This means that compact drying modules can be realized without complicated air routing systems with very even air distribution and at the same time very high energy efficiency – optimize your plants and systems with LTG tangential fans.
With our LTG engineering services, we support you in air technology design, compliance with emission limits and production-relevant values such as air distribution, temperature and humidity.