Special solution

The requirements for a sensible air conditioning solution are as varied as the buildings and applications themselves. In some projects, increased requirements or project-specific circumstances give rise to special challenges that cannot be solved using conventional concepts.
Sometimes buildings have special acoustic and thermal requirements – e.g. television or radio studios – and sometimes a particularly high air exchange rate is required, such as in large event halls or exhibition and concert halls, because large numbers of guests mean a high input of heat and material loads and a high consumption of fresh air. Renovation projects with restrictions due to structural conditions or listed buildings and buildings with special architecture such as large glass façades often pose a particular challenge for air conditioning. In addition, special attention is often paid to the appearance or “invisibility” of the air conditioning solution. Depending on the application, it is then necessary to balance sometimes contradictory requirements in order to realize an optimal solution: high air exchange rates versus high comfort, maximum performance with minimum energy consumption, optimal function in problematic room conditions or special design requirements.
Our air conditioning solutions are as flexible as your individual requirements: Based on our efficient LTG air-water systems, visually attractive air diffusers and precise components for air distribution, we create project-specific, tailor-made solutions. Equipped with a modern research and development center, we support you with simulation calculations or laboratory tests as part of our LTG engineering services right from the early concept phases.