In order for shopping to be pleasant for customers or even become an experience, an attractive atmosphere must be created in retail outlets and shopping centers. In addition to a successful salesroom design and an appealing product presentation, a pleasant room temperature and air quality also determine how long customers stay in the store.
Whether car dealership, shopping center, shoe store or boutique, in addition to an open, friendly design and appealing product presentation, it is important to create a “feel-good climate” for the customer with fresh, pleasantly tempered air and the right level of humidity. Many factors play a role in choosing the right air conditioning system: comfort, performance, cost and, last but not least, appearance. A sensible and economical air conditioning solution is therefore required that is powerful and energy-efficient, comfortable, flexible and space-saving – and either visually appealing or so discreet that it blends seamlessly into the design concept and does not disturb the sense of space.
LTG meets all these requirements: with energy-efficient air-water systems, visually attractive air diffusers and precise components for air distribution, together we create an atmosphere in which people like to stay longer.