The air conditioning of office and administration buildings is state of the art today and determines the well-being and thus the performance of employees. The most important criteria here are thermal and acoustic comfort, as well as high energy efficiency.

At the same time, economic and practical requirements must also be met: Investors focus on service life, investment and operating costs, while operators attach importance to high reliability and simple maintenance. Different room uses also require different solutions at the planning stage: sensible climate control concepts for open-plan or individual offices have different requirements than those for meeting rooms or foyers.

In modern, energy-efficient systems, the supply of fresh air and the removal of thermal loads are considered separately and the air volumes are reduced to the required level and regulated according to demand. Additional challenges are posed by buildings with special architecture or renovation projects. Here it is often also necessary to shield thermal loads from glass façades with a suitable room flow – e.g. the mixed-source ventilation developed by LTG – and to ensure that the occupied zone is completely flushed with fresh air in a comfortable manner – even with large room depths or unfavorable floor plans.

LTG fulfills all these wishes and offers individual solutions for new build and refurbishment projects: with energy-efficient air-water systems, attractive air diffusers and precise components for air distribution. For special tasks, we are also happy to offer you the expertise of our LTG engineering services.