In the service of art and people – ventilation and air-conditioning technology in museums and cultural venues must perform a balancing act between a wide range of requirements: on the one hand, to create comfortable room conditions for a large number of visitors who spend time there, and on the other, to create a constant climate for art objects and exhibits.
Ventilation and air conditioning in museums must perform several tasks: provide conditioned fresh air for visitors and remove emissions such asCO2, moisture from breathing air or vapors from the furniture. One aim is therefore to reliably ensure a defined climate with a constant, usually rather low room temperature and humidity that protects art treasures from temperature fluctuations and moisture absorption. In cultural venues such as theaters, opera houses or other places of assembly, indoor air quality and comfort for the audience are paramount. Due to the size, the number of visitors and the architectural conditions, the air flow concept, comfort and acoustics often pose major challenges. For unadulterated enjoyment of art, the air conditioning components used must of course be as discreet as possible so as not to disturb the sense of space either acoustically or visually.
A challenging task – a wide range of possible solutions! For optimum results and maximum planning reliability, we support you with our expertise right from the planning phase with LTG engineering services and offer you flexible, highly comfortable and efficient solutions with LTG air-water systems, air diffusers and components for air distribution.