The requirements of modern production for a sensible climate concept for industrial buildings are diverse. The focus is on precisely defined conditions such as temperature, humidity or indoor air quality. In addition, financial factors such as investment and operating costs as well as the economic efficiency of the systems are of course decisive.
Hardly any other type of building will be used as differently as industrial halls. Whether as a production hall or warehouse, logistics center or mixed solution: controlled air conditioning is a must for many types of use. On the one hand, this is often the only way to guarantee constant production conditions in order to achieve optimum results or to meet special requirements with an individual room flow concept. On the other hand, improving air quality in production facilities is sometimes mandatory due to existing legal regulations. In addition to the investment, the operating costs are decisive for the economic efficiency of such a system. It is worth putting effort into creating an individual concept that optimizes energy efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance, and therefore energy and maintenance costs.
LTG offers components for ventilation and air conditioning systems and production-related processes that can be individually adapted to project-specific requirements: high-performance LTG air diffusers, compact and efficient air-water systems or precise components for air distribution. If necessary, the concept development can also be supported by LTG engineering services with simulations or laboratory tests.
For ventilation solutions in production-related processes, we also offer high-performance LTG fans and LTG filter and humidification systems.