Expectations of air conditioning are particularly high in comfort areas such as hotels and restaurants: The highest priority is the well-being of the guest – especially thermal and acoustic comfort. Depending on the location – hotel room, lobby, conference room, spa area or restaurant – different solutions make sense.
The aim is to create a “feel-good climate” with fresh air at a pleasant temperature – both draught-free and noiseless. At the same time, however, economic and visual aspects must be taken into account: minimized investment and operating costs are the goal of a hotel operator, while an architect demands air conditioning components that are as unobtrusive and discreet as possible in order to achieve a coherent design concept.
Above all, hotel guests want an undisturbed night’s sleep. A real innovation in LTG air-water systems for hotel rooms is therefore the use of induction technology, e.g. with the specially developed LTG SilentSuite ceiling induction concept, which achieves maximum performance in the smallest of spaces. With maximum convenience, it also saves money by reducing operating costs. In addition, attractive and highly comfortable LTG air diffusers in combination with air distribution products ensure a pleasant indoor climate and energy-efficient operation.