With their hygienically sensitive environments, medical facilities such as hospitals and care homes place special demands on their ventilation and air conditioning technology. This must not only meet the comfort requirements of staff and patients, but also fulfil minimum hygiene requirements such as minimizing microorganisms in the room air, as well as being energy-efficient.
For this reason, hardly any other type of building places such complex demands on ventilation and air-conditioning technology. A large number of different rooms have to be taken into account, such as operating theaters, patient rooms, examination rooms and waiting rooms. The aim is to create precise ventilation and air conditioning that meets the different requirements of all areas in order to ensure ideal patient care and recovery. Compliance with hygiene requirements is particularly important. It is not only the patients themselves, but also the daily traffic of visitors as a source of pathogens that pose a constant challenge – uncontrolled air flows are therefore particularly dangerous. Due to the large number of medical devices and other heat sources, air conditioning systems in modern clinics have to dissipate an increased thermal output. Last but not least, clinics and care facilities are also struggling with significant cost pressure. Efficient building technology with low operating and maintenance costs is an effective lever for noticeably reducing costs.
With highly efficient air-water systems, inductive air diffusers and reliable components for air distribution, we make our contribution to a safe, healthy indoor climate.