Controlled domestic ventilation is being used in more and more modern houses and apartments – and for good reason. Due to the particularly high tightness of windows and doors, these living spaces have an optimum energy balance, but are often no longer able to achieve sufficient air exchange. An unhealthy climate, stale air and, in the worst case, mold are the result.
The building envelope of modern (passive) houses is so airtightly insulated that the moisture generated in the building (through exhalation, sweating, cooking, showering, etc.) and odors (cooking, toilet) can no longer be transported to the outside to a sufficient extent. Conversely, too little fresh air gets inside. The result: an unhealthy climate, stale air and, in the worst case, mold. Controlled domestic ventilation ensures an automatic minimum air exchange. Integrated, efficient heat recovery and the use of filters also result in further advantages compared to manual ventilation, such as significant energy savings and protection against allergens (pollen) and insects.
LTG offers components for controlled domestic ventilation specially developed for use in living spaces: LTG air diffusers, which have already proven themselves hundreds of times over in prefabricated houses from renowned manufacturers, precise LTG air distribution components and convenient LTG air-water systems.