Due to the diversity of their functional areas, airport buildings place complex demands on Comfort Air Technology. From terminal buildings with high ceilings and often large glass façades, to protected areas subject to special safety guidelines, to stores with bright and friendly, but also heat-introducing lighting concepts – an energy-efficient climate control concept that ensures pleasant temperatures and effectively dissipates thermal and material loads is required everywhere.
On the one hand, these loads consist of odors and pollutants that contaminate the indoor air. On the other hand, solar radiation, electrical appliances, lighting and, last but not least, passengers and employees heat the air in the building. Changing load situations and the variety of areas to be air-conditioned further increase the degree of difficulty. From the office to the terminal, from the check-in desk to the lounge and baggage transportation – despite a wide variety of framework parameters, a pleasant indoor climate with sufficient fresh, temperate air and without draughts is required everywhere, and as energy-efficiently as possible. In addition, there are legal requirements for workplaces and places of assembly that stipulate certain comfort parameters as well as safety aspects. All these factors must be taken into account when designing Comfort Air Technology systems. Complex requirements – diverse solution options with high-performance but efficient air-water systems, attractive and powerful air diffusers and precise components for air distribution from LTG!